Message from Organizers

Japan International Welding Show 2016 will take place in Intex OSAKA, Japan from April 13 to 16, 2016.

This is the 24rd time since the first show was held. As already well known, it has been every other year in Tokyo and Osaka in the history of 45 years corresponding with the industrial needs of each time. So far it has played an important role to take the initiative of innovation based on adamant requests from various industries. It is now globally accepted as the most exciting and hottest exposition to collectively showcase the cutting-edge product technologies and services from welding and cutting to laser processing, micro joining, powder process, surfacing, NDT and CAD/CAM/CIM's. This show has thus been receiving worldwide appreciation as a significant professional exhibition in metal-working field together with Essen Welding Fair in Germany and AWS Welding Show in the U.S.

Welding industry is now globally facing the time to establish a new stage of manufacturing making full use of highly advanced technologies such as digital computers, robots, and Laser. Also, the industry is fired up by those fast growing and promising market in Asia. Reflecting these situations we set the expo's main theme as "Think Future, Act Now! Gateway to Great Success in Asia" Hopefully we expect that it will be the best show to introduce your advanced products and technologies to stimulate not only Japanese but also Asian market.

We hereby cordially request and heartily welcome to join us at the Japan International Welding Show 2016, Osaka.


2016/5/ 2Thank you very much for attending JIWS2016

Fortunately, we had a very large number of industry participants come to the JAPAN INTERNATIONAL WELDING SHOW 2016 and the show ended as a great success.

The next show will be held on April 2018 in Tokyo. The dates have yet to be decided.

 Number of Visitors

Date       Weather                                           Number of visitors

13(Wed.)   Cloudy, later, occasionally rain    19,932

14(Thu.)   Fair                                                 23,705

15(Fri.)    Fair                                                  27,546

16(Sat.)    Fair                                                  17,762

                                                            Total      88,945 (overseas 3,214)

2016/1/20Pre-registration opens !

We have started pre-registration for visitor to JIWS2016.
You can proceed with online pre-registration here.
If you do that,the admission fee that is ordinary 1000 JPY will be free of charge and
you do not need to fill in required items at the venue, so you can save your time.
Please bring reply e-mails you printed after completion of your registration to the venue.

2015/10/21Applications for additional exhibitor booths are still available!

The number of applications closed on September 18th went over our expected exhibitor space.
Therefore, we expanded the number of exhibitors booths.
Applications for additional exhibitor booths are still available.
Please send it by fax or e-mail to the management office.
*However, we will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken.

2015/3/20Applications for exhibitors now open ― "early bird" discount applies to exhibitor applications made before June 19.

Ahead of the "Japan International Welding Show (JIWS) 2016" (to be held at Intex Osaka in Suminoe Ward, Osaka City for four days from April 13 to 16, 2016), organized by the Japan Welding Engineering Society (JWES) and Sanpo Publications Inc., planning meetings were held on January 29 and 30, 2015, in Tokyo and Osaka, respectively. Next year's JIWS will be on the theme "Welding and Joining Technology are Revolutionizing Manufacturing." The show will feature "Five Main Forum" (1: laser processing; 2: smart processes; 3: steel treatment; 4: nondestructive inspection; and 5: coating), consisting of exhibitions and lectures, along with a business matching system and seminars to enhance the "trade show" function of the event. In addition, there will be a focus on topics of strong public interest, such as the transmission of craft and manufacturing skills to the younger generations. On the whole, the show is set to take a more innovative approach likely to draw attention.

The JIWS is the largest welding and joining-related trade event held in Japan. It was held for the first time in 1969 and next year's show will be the 24th JIWS.

At the recent planning meetings, the attendees were given an outline of the unique qualities that give the JIWS its distinctive appeal. These include its proud record of actively attracting leading-edge products, wide range of product demonstrations, strong support for end users, the fact that a majority of visitors are engineers, highly developed trade show functions, role as a hub for Asian networking, status as the largest exhibition for thermal processing lasers, and, first and foremost, the opportunity it offers to view an internationally diverse range of world's state-of-the-art products under one roof.

In addition to popular features such as the "Five Main Forum", to which smart processes were added to improve the content, trend seminars with presentations by exhibitors, theme-based solution seminars, theme-based exhibitions, and the skill transfer plaza, the other major enhancement of the upcoming JIWS is "an effort to establish a welding business platform".

Specifically and above all, this involves consolidating the event's position as a trade show. The aim is to mobilize large numbers of welding product and service users and dealers, both inside and outside Japan, and to make the show more interactive for all participants.

To mobilize visitors from abroad, we are inviting related manufacturers, dealers, and users from all over Asia, as well as trying to build a global business network with exhibitors and connect them for business matching.

Furthermore, JIWS 2016 will also help to draw people to a host of other events scheduled over the same period, such as the Japan Welding Society's (JWS) Spring National Meeting, the Welding Research and Collaboration Colloquium, and events connected with the Asian Welding Federation (AWF).

In his remarks to the meetings as representative of the organizers, Sanpo Publications Inc. "In cooperation with the JWES, we are examining the possibilities of holding joint planning and exchange meetings between user groups from the specialist panels of the JWES--in fields such as shipbuilding and steel offshore structures, rolling stock, and automobiles--and exhibitors. In addition, for the forums, consisting of exhibitions and lectures, we have added a new theme to the previous four--"smart processes," which includes things like metal lamination and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) processing technology--to try to make the welding show even more compelling."

Please note that an "early bird" discount applies to exhibitor applications made before June 19. The deadline for all applications is September 18. The Japanese welding market is experiencing a rebound in business activity, primarily in relation to steel frame work and shipbuilding, and activity is expected to remain brisk, due to earthquake recovery work, infrastructure development in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and major redevelopment projects in Hokkaido, Tohoku, and the northern Kanto region. The JIWS secretariat expects large numbers of overseas exhibitors and visitors to attend the 2016 show.

2014/12/22English Website Opened!

The English website for the Japan International Welding Show 2016 is now opened!
The Exhibitor list will be uploaded after the booth application is closed.

2014 video is also available on the top page.

For visitors, online registration for FREE admission to the show will start in December 2015! Please check back later.

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